Vivid: Making characters come alive

By Verena Tay

26 April 2014 (Sat)

Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA)
LTC Building D, #06-01
16 Arumugam Road, Singapore 409961


Course Fee: $55.00
Eventbrite Registration Fee: $2.63

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No matter how hard you try, you’re stuck: your characters on the page remain 2-D and their dialogue just clunks along and drags down the pace of your story.

Have no fear. Vivid can be your answer, whether you write fiction or plays. Let seasoned writer VerenaTay share with you tips on how to make your characters appear like living, breathing 3-D persons that speak naturally. And in no time at all, you will be on your way towards creating vibrant characters that your audience can immediately recognise and appreciate.


This workshop will equip participants with the skills to

Become a more acute observer of the sights and sounds within your environment;
Improve how you infuse your real life insights about people within your character portrayals;
Develop more nuanced ways of describing characters and representing speech patterns



This workshop is open to both new and seasoned writers of fiction and/or plays, aged 16 and above who are fluent in English

Please bring pen/pencil/paper and/or your own laptop/tablet.

About the trainer: Verena Tay

Verena Tay

Verena Tay ( is a writer, editor, storyteller and theatre practitioner. She has published a short story collection, Spectre: Stories from Dark to Light (2012), and three play collections: In the Company of Women (2004), In the Company of Heroes (2011) and Victimology (2011). She has also edited nine fiction anthologies, including the popular Balik Kampung series published by Math Paper Press. An Honorary Fellow at the International Writing Program, University of Iowa (Aug–Nov 2007), she holds three Masters degrees in English Literature, Voice Studies and Creative Writing. She is currently working on her first novel.

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