Speech writing

By Samantha De Silva

3 – 10 October 2015 (Sat – Sat)

TR 6
Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA)
LTC Building D, #06-01
16 Arumugam Road, Singapore 409961


Course Fee: $220.00

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The Speechwriting Workshop is an intensive, comprehensive two day workshop which aims to familiarize participants with the skills needed to write impactful, effective speeches for a diverse range of situations. Core and advanced skills will be covered in this workshop, easing participants into the speechwriting process even if they are completely new to speechwriting. This workshop will also look at elements of performance and speech delivery in order to better understand how written speeches come to life successfully. Some core speechwriting skills explored in this workshop include persuasion, audience engagement, rhythm, and effective editing. Participants will also learn the skills needed for different types of speeches. Learning will take place via individual and collaborative exercises throughout the two-day workshop, with peer and facilitator feedback.


  • Introduce participants to core and advanced skills needed for speechwriting
  • Explore the skills needed to write speeches for diverse audiences and purposes
  • Learn how to analyze and engage with audiences
  • Explore different types of speeches and how to adjust style and content for each type of speech
  • Use collaborative learning and a performance perspective to show participants how to write powerful, effective speeches for every occasion

About the trainer: Samantha De Silva

Samantha De Silva

Samantha De Silva’s first novel, vampire thriller Blood on the Moon was published in 2010. She was part of the writing team for the Speak Good English Movement campaign in 2009, and was a guest speaker at the All In! Young Writer’s Seminar 2011. Samantha believes that personal effectiveness and creativity go hand in hand. As a trainer, she draws on the unique perspective and experience of a writer who has learned to unlock and apply creativity in an environment where creativity is essential to success but sometimes overlooked: the corporate workplace.

Samantha is adept at conceptualising and delivering communication skills courses with creative solutions and learning strategies. She also writes academic guides and conducts fiction workshops for adults and young learners. In addition, she provides writing and story analysis for game, film and fiction projects. Samantha possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Nanyang Technological University.

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