Digital Edge: professional use of new creative, collaborative and social Internet technologies

By Dr Sangeet Bhullar

7 – 8 October 2016 (Fri – Sat)
9:30am – 5:30pm

Training Room 5
Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA)
LTC Building D, #06-01
16 Arumugam Road, Singapore 409961


Course Fee: $320.00
Eventbrite Registration Fee: $9.25

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Recent years have seen huge and evolving developments in social, professional and educational technologies and collaborative services across the Internet. The growth in web-based services, apps and cloud-based solutions has created a more transparent, rich and connected global, digital space, as businesses and individuals create new content, share stories, expertise and connections online. This workshop for business professionals and senior managers, will show through interactive exercises and 'masterclass style' demonstrations, how a range of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as tools like multi-media blogs ( with video and audio) can be used professionally to showcase business activity, create content and deliver services online, inspire and engage staff and clients, develop new networks and business leads, and access free professional development.

This programme includes a bespoke online resource site.


This training programme is designed to provide participants with an insight into:  

  • How the Internet and web technologies are evolving, new trends and the implications of these for individuals and businesses. 
  • Free and cloud-based web tools and services that can help them organisations to work more effectively, get feedback, and promote engagement with their target audience. 
  • How freely available rich multimedia platforms like blogs/ similar platforms can be used to create and share engaging multimedia content (videos, audio, slideshows) which can be used to showcase business activity, or for staff collaboration.  
  • Effective and safe use of social media tools (like Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter) to keep up to date with new developments, discover new information, engage with and participate with your target audience, as well as create an online presence.  
  • How to search the web more effectively and organise and curate information from the web. 
  • Digital Safety and Online Reputation issues to consider when using social media and mobile technologies.

About the trainer: Dr Sangeet Bhullar

Dr Sangeet Bhullar

Dr Sangeet Bhullar, Executive Director, WISE KIDS and Founder of the Digital & People Project. Recent work includes delivering a Keynote Address for the Digital Communities Wales Conference 2016. She also works with organisations like the Ministry of Education in Singapore (for example in training their EdTech officers in July 2015), and in reviewing the secondary school Cyber Wellness curriculum.

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