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In this masterclass, you will take a look at the techniques great writers use to recraft and finesse their work; and find those that work for you. Learn to identify the sins of ‘bad’ writing that dilute the ‘wow’ factor. Details

An editorial manager has to 'wear many hats' and consider several factors such as schedules, budget, content and team dynamics before 'sending the book to press'. Learn the essential skills here! Details

What can you do with a picture book without words? There are limitless storytelling possibilities for participants to engage children in a creative story-building process. Details

Pull the words off the page and bring them to life! Learn the elements that make up great reading aloud sessions. Details

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Writing Prep: Generating creative ideas

Writing Prep: Generating creative ideas

If you want to write, but you’re asking yourself, “What should I write about?” we have some suggestions to help you generate creative ideas for writing. Read on >

Tips for Writing Good Dialogue

Tips for Writing Good Dialogue

Good dialogue goes a long way to make a better story – it drives the plot, gives life to characters, develops the mood and conveys important information, like backstory. Read on >

Writers Resource Kit

Writers Resource Kit

The Writers Resource Kit serves as a source of pragmatic advice to beginners eager to find out more about the terminologies, strategies and conventions of publishing. Read on >

Picture Book Vs Illustrated Book

Picture Book Vs Illustrated Book

A comparison between picture books and illustrated books, with examples. Read on >

12 Tips to Improve Your Storytelling Voice

12 Tips to Improve Your Storytelling Voice Read on >