Winning Presentations and Body Language Skills

By Jessica Dang

21 October 2017 (Sat)
9:30am – 5:30pm

Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road, Block E, #03-32, Singapore 439053

Course Fee: $290.00
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The ability to present ourselves well, in both formal and informal settings, is a must-have skill. We are judged by how well we do this every single day. Effective in-person communication comprises a combination of several key, learnable skills and techniques. Whether it’s a sales pitch, a company presentation, a networking session, how we walk into a room or our demeanor when we have a conversation at an informal social function – we make an impression each time we are with others. What you say, how you say it, how you appear, how you use your voice, eyes & hands, the way you stand, facial gestures. It all matters immensely. Learn to turn these daily interactions to your advantage.

In this 1-day, fun and practical workshop, you’ll learn proven, valuable skills needed to make a positive impression every time. These skills & techniques fall under two categories: Verbal Communication & Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language).


Presentation Skills

The workshop covers topics on mental preparation for presentations, content preparation, presentation delivery, and presentation disasters (and ways to avoid them). It includes:

  • Effective eye contact techniques. 
  • Mistakes to avoid in choosing topics.
  • Optimal standing postures.
  • The ABC of a great opening.
  • Techniques for ensuring a strong ending.
  • How to capture your audience.
  • Audience profiling.
  • Using your voice effectively.
  • How to help your audience remember your presentation better.
  • 10 slide design mistakes to avoid.

Body Language

Among the topics covered in the workshop are:

  • Why you need to understand body language to succeed.
  • The brain and body language.
  • Managing your emotions in public.
  • Non-verbal cues of approachable professionals.
  • The 1 body language action that will most earn trust.
  • The body language of confident people.
  • How to engage people nonverbally.
  • Identifying warning signs in the body language of others.
  • Emotions you can read in people's faces.
  • Introduction to Micro Expressions

About the trainer: Jessica Dang

Jessica Dang

Jessica is a Senior Consultant & Global Head of Training with the Soundway Learning Group.  She has developed over 300 workshops and learning events for children, parents, educators, executives & other adults. Jessica is the creator of Soundway’s Chaos & Mayhem Learning System. She is a long time proponent of making learning fun, engaging and hands-on. She is also a big believer in community service, and develops large scale, education based CSR programs for companies. Her workshops and learning events have been attended by over 300 000 participants. Jessica was recently selected to participate in the prestigious Certified Workplace Learning Specialist program. She releases several books from the first quarter of 2017. 

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