Powerful memory techniques in 1 day: Double or better your memory - guaranteed

By Jessica Dang

15 July 2017 (Sat)
9:30am – 5:30pm

Classroom 207
YMCA Education Centre
One Orchard Road, Level 2
Singapore 238824


Course Fee: $290.00
Eventbrite Registration Fee: $8.50



Among our greatest fears are having a poor memory and experiencing the seemingly inevitable decline of our mental capacity as we age. The advent of the internet, increased work commitments, globalization and the many rapid fire information delivery systems we are exposed to further accentuate these concerns. All this leads to a constant state of mental overload that continues to pile on our mind and affect our thinking, personal productivity and health.

Fortunately there are proven, scientifically sound techniques that can help you significantly improve your memory, information management and clarity of thought. At Soundway Learning Group, we’ve enhanced these techniques over several years. We’ll teach you the skills and share the valuable information using our fun, exciting and entertaining methods. Using our step-by-step learning delivery systems, you’ll be fully engaged and receptive to new learning. You’ll see a measurable and verifiable jump in your memory by up to 1200% - in just 1 day. Guaranteed.

Here’s just some of what we cover:

  • How the brain remembers.
  • 5 memory effective techniques you can use immediately.
  • Remembering information and numbers quickly.
  • Proven nutritional changes that boost memory.
  • Simple lifestyle changes that enhance clear thinking.
  • A recall system that has worked for over 2000 years.
  • Scientifically proven techniques for keeping your mind sharp as you age.
  • A acquire, file and retrieve system that gives you immediate access to information.
  • 3 memory boosting activities you should incorporate into your life.
  • 10 “Quick Remember” techniques to keep handy.
  • Overcoming brain overload.


Soundway’s workshops are renown for their expert blend of fun & learning.  They incorporate Soundway’s trademark Chaos & Mayhem Learning System into all their workshops. This is a highly effective, advanced Active Learning system. From the very start of the workshop, participants are engaged using:

  • Expert Facilitation.
  • Exciting, Fun & Stimulating Games & Challenges.
  • Group Activities & Exercises.
  • Custom Produced Videos.
  • Custom Developed Software.
  • Movement and Kinesthetic Triggers.
  • Measurable improvements you see in real time.


You’ll have access to Soundway’s advanced, easy-to-use software, including:

  • SoundwayTracker
  • One of Soundway’s online memory improvement games.
  • Videos specially developed to accelerate learning.  

About the trainer: Jessica Dang

Jessica Dang

Jessica is a Senior Consultant & Global Head of Training with the Soundway Learning Group.  She has developed over 300 workshops and learning events for children, parents, educators, executives & other adults. Jessica is the creator of Soundway’s Chaos & Mayhem Learning System. She is a long time proponent of making learning fun, engaging and hands-on. She is also a big believer in community service, and develops large scale, education based CSR programs for companies. Her workshops and learning events have been attended by over 300 000 participants. Jessica was recently selected to participate in the prestigious Certified Workplace Learning Specialist program. She releases several books from the first quarter of 2017. 

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